Wednesday, February 26, 2014


For information about the Plein-air Workshop in Holland, please visit



I thought I'd send along a photo of the painting currently on the easel. It's taken with my phone, and is blurry, but I think you'll get the idea.

As you can see, although it's a made-up place, I was being influenced by some of my earliest heroes, John F. Kensett and Sanford Gifford.

Here's a detail of it, a couple of days in.

I'd also been thinking about an old painting of mine, from the '80s.

A friend bought this one, protesting, to no avail, that it should be less expensive since it has no horizon.

Hope all are well. For those of you on Instagram, you can find me there at @donaldjurney . There are now almost two-hundred paintings there.



  1. did you post the last painting you did on the workshop? I am still in Oregon, blazing a trail or something like that. Do have an easily acceptable list of what you palette is as I am around the corner from Dick Blick's and I remember you talking about a particular violet shade I might pick up. Portland got shut down for 5 days due to 6" of snow, I understand when we get home in a week we will have a fair amount of snow.
    Happy painting see you when I return

  2. Hi Lee Here's the blog post on my palette:

  3. It does remind me of Kensett. As usual the composition is pretty mind-blowing - the buoy, the sail!, the cloud touching the land (lovely clouds!). There's a feeling of serenity- and I could really, really do with some of that!

  4. Yes Donald, found the Instagram, but we do so much miss the blog as well.