Monday, September 23, 2013

Final Edition

The Door to The Golden Age

Thanks to John Raleigh of Newburyport (, I now have a photo of the doorway painting.


On John's fancy computer the image is much better than I've just included, above. This is a bit blotchy and a bit yellow. We can ascribe that to my monitor (I hope). In any event, if you're local to Newburyport, I can recommend John to you for photographing your work.

The painting is being picked up by the art movers soon, and will be trundled off to the New York location. Here's some information about the show which takes place from 9-13 October at the Seventh Regiment (Park Avenue) Armory, 643 Park Avenue, New York.

Thanks to all of you who came by the studio to see the painting. It was great to see so many old* and new faces.

*Kim tells me I should have said "familiar faces" not
"old faces". Apologies.



  1. It looks wonderful - a real trompe l'oeil effect! A good photo of a painting sure is a nice thing to have - and here we can see beyond the frame which is nice too. Hi to Kim from a familiar place.

    1. Aye, laddie, it's been a long road, replete with converging lines. Thanks!

  2. Now I have looked everywhere, but cannot find a discreet DBJ anywhere. Is it hidden in the tilework? Nice tile reflections on the door by the way. It is always the attention to detail that makes your work so memorable.

    1. You cannae find it because it's not yet there. I think I'll hide it, on a diagonal, in the shadow under the door. I usually try to make it as inconspicuous as possible on the assumption, stated by a friend, that for anyone who knows my work "it's signed all over." As for the reflections of the tile on the door, it's anybody's guess what the angle should be!