Monday, January 14, 2013

A Book! A Book!

Selections from the French Sketchbooks

After many of years of wishing there were a way to share the drawings from my French sketchbooks, a fellow artist told me about a self-publishing
a site where, with great patience and a great deal of time, one can make a book.

Encouraged by this, I set about scanning about 90 pages of drawings. Since many of the drawings are long gone, sold to collectors in the U.S. and abroad, it was fun to bring so many back together again.

The book is for sale (all of which is handled by Because the books are printed to order, they ain't cheap---and my wish for a better quality paper, coupled with wanting a hardcover with a dust jacket, made the initial cost climb. Please accept my apologies. 

On the good side of the ledger, the book has 100 pages, and the print quality is quite reasonable. The number of pages enabled me to include lots of drawings of different types, as well as a few pages of musings from my 1995 French journal.

I hope that those of you who get a chance to see it will find it to be an encouragement to draw as much as you can.


The wee preview below has only 16 of the 100 pages.
I don't have any copies myself, so if you'd like to have one, you must order through


  1. Have you considered doing one on your French paintings?

    1. I should like to, Bruce, but I suspect I don't have enough good quality images of the paintings.

  2. I just received my copy this week, and it is a treasure. The quality is excellent, and although I haven't seen all the originals, it appears that the drawings are very close to the actual size that they were drawn in the sketchbooks. And the drawings are beautiful! The excerpts from the French journal serve to give a sense of time and place, and a taste of the circumstances under which the sketches were made, which I felt added greatly to my appreciation. I am sure I will turn to this collection for inspiration for many years to come.
    Yes, it is quite expensive, but when you order one, at checkout, you are offered a second copy for half price! So, find a friend and order together!