Wednesday, February 29, 2012

An October Souvenir

                                                            Donald Jurney, New England Pond, 24x30"

New England Pond is a new painting, originally begun as a demonstration for a friend's painting class. Although the first idea for the painting came from a local sketching spot, the canvas seemed to develop a will of its own, more interested in the intertwining russets, golds and greens than in any thought of depicting a particular place. To me it conveys the shimmering afternoon of an autumn day.


  1. Is this the pond in Greenland on Rte. 151? Gorgeous, your version!

  2. Hi Pat, Yes, it comes from that pond where I first met you, in your painting class---at least the idea did. As you know it really began life as that same afternoon's compulsory demonstration in Mr. B's class. Thanks for noticing it.

  3. Donald It is great to see your blog, which I take to be fairly recent. I hope that you can stick at it as it is so beneficial to 'the struggling masses' who so admire your work. As a suggestion, it would be great to see your technique in progress shots from blockout to finished piece (for those of us sho live too far away to attend your workshops).

    Graves Saint Amant

  4. Bruce---Thanks for visiting the blog. Yes, it is still an infant blog. Maybe, as I get more comfortable with it all, I'll get to posting some progressive steps. As for workshops being so far away, how about Scotland? Must be a short hop from Bordeaux to Manchester or Glasgow.
    Maybe, one day, there'll be a French workshop. For a number of years, my wife and I owned a house in Saone-et-Loire. Sure miss it. Anyway, thanks again for coming by.

    1. We are a bit further south, in the Charente. Our Wednesday plein air group heads out into the vines next week for the 2012 painting season. Scotland? Sounds interesting, but we are in Cornwall in April/May already this year. I'll keep following the blog and see what happens.